• Do I have any responsibilities as a club member?

    Be positive ambassadors for the shooting sports when at other Clubs

    Follow all of the gun club & range facility rules they attend

    Abide by all local, provincial and national laws and regulations

    Be responsible for all drop-in and administrative range fees

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I get proof of membership?

    We will email proof of membership immediately. This email confirmation can be provided to the CFO for PAL renewals and to retailers to transfer restricted firearms.

  • Will I receive a membership card?

    You can request a mailed card! The BCFA gun club staff will mail you a membership card within 10 days of you requesting it.

  • Do I need the membership card?

    No, the membership letters emailed to you are sufficient to purchase a restricted firearm and renew a restricted PAL.

  • How long is my membership good for?

    Your BCFA gun club membership is valid for 365 from the time you sign up.

  • Can I join for more than 1 year?

    Absolutely, you can join for as much as 5 years.

  • What sets the BC Firearms Academy Gun Club apart?

    We offer you what you need no strings attached. The BCFA gun club never forces you to buy any products you don't need. 

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  • winner-icon

    Smooth and easy membership

    Great service, thanks. Got the much-needed membership number within a half hour of applying. Made my gun purchase seamless.

  • winner-icon

    The perfect solution simple, easy and affordable.

    I was hoping this would become available before my PAL arrived and luckily it did. I registered in person at BC Firearms Academy in Cabela's. Can't wait until the waiting list at my range opens up, but I'm super happy to have this Club as an option.